Sunglasses made in Italy

There is a certain prestige that comes with Italian made sunglasses. As with
other products originating from particular countries the reputation of quality
that comes with it and something that is very much well earned.
Italy has as much of a cultural heritage of producing high quality sunglasses as
they do shoes or suits, with family owned and run workshops deploying
generations of expertise in the industry making them the absolute pinnacle of
production for sunglasses.
If you travel through Italy you will find entire towns working for the local
workshop with each producing town known for a particular item. Father and
son working in the same business as the grandfather did too. This unique set
of circumstances allows them to deliver a quality and set of expertise refined
over time and a tremendous amount of pride is present in everything they
What is so special about sunglasses made in Italy?
When we looked to manufacture our designs, we were set on it being Italy from
the outset. Working with one of Italy’s oldest workshops not only conjures a
certain romantic element but we also know that we are collaborating with a safe
set of hands, and you are ultimately getting the best possible version of the
product you are buying from us.
So when you order sunglasses from Trads, you know that every component in
your sunglasses have been hand assembled by an Italian maestro, then once
again visually inspected prior to going into a box. It’s a process that we are
equally proud of being a part of and we think you’ll love the results.

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