A Guide on Choosing the Right Tie

In the present world, fashion is not a fad, rather a necessity. Women accessorize through shoes and bags, for men class begins with suits and ties. For men Ties are the epitome of fashion. They are one of the most important men’s accessories, and there are many types of ties. Men usually wear ties on formal or festive occasions. Depending on the occasion, this is either a necktie or a bow tie by Kissties. There are certain guidelines one should consider before choosing a tie.

Necktie or a Bow Tie?

A Necktie is a narrow piece of cloth looped around the neck under the collar as an accessory to give a festive or formal look. One needs to make a fashion statement and nothing says debonair more loudly than a man, decked out in formal attire with a perfect tie to match. If the occasion calls out for a black tie optional it is best to wear a necktie. We try our best to keep our customers informed of all the latest fashions and trends.

If instead of a traditional Necktie, one chooses to wear a narrow piece of cloth tied in a shoelace knot, then that is a Bowtie. The Bowtie needs to be symmetrically looped and tied in a bowknot. This type of look goes with tuxedos at formal dinners or wedding ceremonies with ties.

Consider the Design of the Tie

There are hundreds of different designs of ties, depending on one’s preference one can choose from a vast variety of options. There are business, formal, casual, and novelty designs. They range from plaid, tartan, stripes, polka dots to solid colors. The trick is to decide what the occasion calls for, and then dress up accordingly.

Choose the Right Necktie Color

There is a myriad of colors available. Since colors play a very important role in defining our look and depicting our personalities, we need to choose wisely. Although the colors are numerous, ties tend to be of a specific color for a certain occasion. Nothing is worse than dressing up in a casual gathering or dressing down at a formal one. We at KissTies not only provide our customers with multiple choices but also guide them according to the occasion. For instance, the red color is a passionate one, it is noticeable and eye-catching but one needs to be very careful when choosing to wear it. There are certain rules to follow since a red necktie will only look good with navy or grey suits.

Burgundy and cherry-colored ties are a popular choice with politicians since they are timeless and suit any season. The most favorite color among men is blue. Blue exudes calmness and serendipity while portraying elegance, and maturity. The dark blue necktie is the most ordinarily sold tie color. It is a wearable color in summers as well as winters. A navy blue tie looks great when paired with a classic white shirt and light grey suits. Black is a majestic color hence black ties are worn on formal occasions. Nothing gives a dapper or more suave look then a black-tie paired with a white shirt and darker suits.

When one decides to dress up for any occasion, there are certain trends to follow, certain rules to adhere to. It will be beneficial to have some parameters in our minds while selecting a tie just like how he will select bow ties.

Rules for Wearing a Tie

It is very important to know when one can and cannot wear a tie. While a necktie is suitable for both casual and formal occasions, a bowtie is usually best suited for festive ones. One can never wear a tie with a T-shirt or a half sleeves dress shirt.

How to Match a Tie

When matching a tie, one should make sure that the shirt is always lighter than the tie. For instance, a light blue shirt with a darker blue tie will always look classic and elegant. If one wants, the basic look one can always pair a white button-down shirt with any bolder color tie. Variation is key when working with complementary colors. One can always experiment with colors and patterns, and over time, one learns the dos and don’ts of matching them.

How to tell if the Tie is of good quality

There is a simple rule of thumb, what looks good and feels good is usually good. Therefore, before making any purchase it is always wise to try the tie-in question. If it loops gracefully and the fabric does not seem stretched or wrinkled then you are in luck.

When a man dresses up with sweatshirt there are selected few choices to accessorize. Ties are a timeless accessory. They never go out of style and will always look good so it is wise to invest in quality. There are a plethora of choices available but one should buy according to personal preference and the occasion. Traditional silk ties are more formal whereas novelty or knitted ties are casual. One should buy what one likes best as one enjoys it for a long time.

Some Final Words and Tips

There are certain parameters one should follow at all costs to ensure a good quality of tie. Eventually, a tie is going to remain with you forever. So one should keenly observe the fabric, the cut, the hang, and the fit and width when selecting a tie. The cut determines the shape of a tie, so it should be of excellent artisanship to ensure it does not loop or wrinkle.

There is nothing worse than a tie that just will not hang straight so before buying hold the tie where you would normally tie a knot. If it hangs straight, it is perfect otherwise; it is a cheap knockoff if it hangs crooked.

All these aspects may seem overwhelming but do not worry we have the perfect solution for you. We here at Kissties take you through this step by step and make sure you walk out decked in the very finest. We take great pride in serving our customers ties to our full potential. Your satisfaction is our number one priority at Kissties.