Fashion retail stores cancelling orders have caused decline of global clothes production by 3%

In the year, global clothes production with cancelled events has declined by 3 per cent forcing retail fashion stores to cancel their manufacturers’ orders. Ayesha Barenblat, founder of Remake, a nonprofit organization which promotes the rights of manufacturers in fashion, says that over 40 billion dollars of goods were dumped into landfills. Bangladesh fashion sweater manufacturers got orders last June 40% less than last year.

This affects those who have been making these garments for hours because they are left unpayed. In developing countries, most of these workers are living, there are not many work paths. Those large firms make the mistake of relying on cheap fast fashion, but the clothing worker pays the price.

Not only this but, according to Ethical Mode Activist Clare Press, owner of the Wardrobe Crisis podcast, human rights in many of these factories are not upheld by working conditions. This issue has hit women of color the hardest. But the resounding problem of these major corporations has finally reached the ears. In March this year, a petition from Remake Lead for fashion companies to pay their workers collected over 200 000 signatures. 18 global brands, such as Zara and H&M, have joined the movement. The efforts are now being made to resume local production, as the regulation in Australia provides for fair wages and fair treatment for workers. Maybe this frontier could be a possibility now that these companies act.


Global clothes production has declined by 3 % forcing retail fashion stores to cancel their manufacturers’ orders

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7 Best Bag Trends For Young Women in 2021

Two years ago, I had an online store selling handbags made by global independent designers and every season, I researched the latest best bag trends spotted on the fashion runways in NYC, Milan, and Paris. It was one of the most challenging endeavors I ventured into after turning 40 yrs old, one that helped me realize how complicated and competitive the fashion industry is. But regardless of the barriers, I still have a great passion for the industry and I enjoy exploring the latest and most exciting news in the business of fashion. However, small tiny Cotton Pouches made by organic cotton has been popular this year.

How to spot a “long term” bag trend?

As you know, fashion repeats itself, but it can sometimes take decades for a trend to reappear on the runway and rise again. Take for example big shoulder pads which were a hit in the 80s and became a “faux pas” or a blooper from 1990 until late 2019. For years we laughed at the idea of wearing a big shoulder blazer (power shoulders) yet we now spot it in retail stores like Zara and H&M and designer collections like Gucci, and Oscar De La Renta.

Ladies, there’s one thing about a fashion trend many are not aware of and that is longevity. Most fashion trends have a short lifespan, but some trends last 2 to 3 years before they go dormant again. It takes an expert such as fashion buyers to anticipate a trend that has the potential to become a hot and in demand for a number of seasons. As average consumers, we sometimes see a new trend and are tempted to buy it but are not sure how long we’ll wear it before it looks out of date. Visit this page and read the news about plastic bag banned by Australia government.

So what do we do in this case? My simple answer is to hold off on the impulse to buy a trendy piece and observe it over the next 6 to 9 months. If it reappears in a new season, then there’s a chance that it has a stronghold and a demand. It means that consumers are accepting the trend and buying it. So the best advice is not to rush into buying something unless you willingly want to appear as a trendsetter. 

Allow me to clarify that this is a list of grown-up bags that best suit the lifestyles of mature women. And since Elle Muse is a journal for midlife women, those who are over 40, I intentionally picked the latest trends and styles that are not only stylish but practical too.

| 1 | Sling Bags

The unstructured shape bag that can be worn parallel to your shoulder or across is shaping up to be the IT bag this year. It’s casual looking and provides ample space to fit your daily belongings.

| 2 | Buckles Bags

Buckles whether in statement sizes or small are one of the best bags for the chic and super cool working woman. One of my personal favourite buckle bags is BOYY which is identifiable by its super-sized rectangular buckle.

| 3 | Bucket Bags

Re-emerging from the past, the pouch bag appeared on the runways with so many ways to carry it, from a top-handle to a backpack to a belt bag. This style of bags is cute to carry informally for dinner parties, and social gatherings.

| 4 | Croc Embossed Bags

If you want to define a personal style that translates eloquence, timelessness, and mature taste, then you might want to consider crock embossed bags. I’ve become a fan of animal print in recent years and found such prints have an empowering demeanor and a distinct poise suitable for strong and independent women.

| 5 | Gigantic Totes

This is one of the best bag trends which were very present at the runway and during 2020 fashion shows. XX-Larges totes are a great choice when you are on the go whether it is taking a subway to work or jetting away to a destination.

| 6 | Woven Wicker Bags

Woven wicker bags aren’t only considered to be one of this year’s best bags, but they also stood the test of time when it comes to trends. This style of bags was scratching the surface of in 2017, particularly in Europe and South America. The last few seasons saw the rise of wicker bags due to the increasing demand for natural vegan material instead of leather. Designers are becoming increasingly aware of consumer needs and therefore have utilized creativity to produce numerous styles of bags using woven wicker.

| 7 | Pouch Bags

One of the jaw-dropping handbag trends which debuted in Fall 2019 is the Bottega Venetta pouch bag. In fact, this pouch bag set a new standard of style retailers and designers were inspired to mimic in 2020.


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